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Our Business

Welcome to an introduction to the website of WASHERS-R-Us. This site is to inform you the customers, of a business that was born to assist you in your commercial laundry service needs. We have been in business since the beginning of 2007. Don't let that fool you as our founding partners have over 28 years in the laundry equipment business.

Mike Baxley and Tommy Jones had both been employed at the UniMac (Alliance Laundry) factory in Marianna, FL since 1994. Our experience started on the assembly lines of the UniMac, Speed Queen, Huebsch washer lines. We both moved into the tech service department and our careers grew. We both spent many years helping distributors service the Alliance products, traveling as the experts for Alliance to correct service problems on warranty machines, doing service schools for distributors and their customers.

In 2006 Alliance announced that their factory in Marianna was being moved to Ripon, WI and many people were looking for jobs. This included Tommy and Mike and thus Washers-R-Us was born as a company.

Our company and service contacts have grown immediately because of our professionalism and expertise on the many product lines in the area. Remember we were the experts that got calls from the distributors in the field to help them correct problems they were struggling with. This allows us to repair problems quickly and without call backs. Usually we have heard of most calls many times. You as a customer will love this after you give us a shot. Secondly, we will be there in a timely manner, usually same day or the next. Something customers have not seen in this area in a long time.